Just a couple of drifters.


The Story

Everyone has a story. Here is ours. We are Doug and Julie Sapusek.When we met, we were just a couple of young Marines that joined the military looking for adventure. We certainly found it. From Norway, to Japan we traveled the world and the United States until we met each eachother at MCAS Miramar in San Diego. Fast forward 21 years and a lot has happened. We have raised children, chased fish around the country, hiked fourteeners, been on 40 day cross country road trips, and in 2021 we sold a sucessful company that was founded in 2012.

After all those experiences we decided to start Driftist. Why a blanket company? Well, its pretty simple. We were always looking for the right blanket for our excursions and wanted to create someting that works for us and how we like to roll.

We needed something warm enough for chilly winter nights in the pacific northwest (Coos Bay, Moab, Yellowstone, ect), and something light enough for our weekend jaunts in our home state of Florida. That led us down the path of selecting materials, weights, and designs that worked for us and the products you see on this site are the results of those efforts.

We have plans to bring additional camping gear to Driftist and can't wait to have our followers help us lay that groundowrk. From us to you, we hope that you follow us on social media, engage with our brand, and we can't wait to see our Driftist community grow while we build something that we know will be a beautiful vibrant community of like minded people that find great joy in being know as Drifters.